The stage of mass tourism

Resorts differ from recreational areas that are composed in addition to natural curative resources (mineral springs, therapeutic mud, favorable climate), technical (hydraulic water gallery, pump rooms, paleotechnics private buildings; resort parks), and medical organizational resources, as well as medical institutions, sanatorium and resort health clinics (and other institutions for treatment and rest), and therefore can provide medical (health resort) care to patients of different profile. In turn, recreation areas [base (home) activities, including in resort areas] have only natural resources and is designed for the recovery of healthy people and the prevention of chronic diseases.
This stage is characterized by the emergence of specialized enterprises for the production of tourist services (XIX century), as well as the formation of mass and social tourism (before the Second world war) and the rapid development of tourism industry and mass tourism of the conveyor (80-ies of XX century).
Boat trip, Germany. 1895
The emergence of mass tourism was facilitated by the development industry, and as a consequence, the distinction of free time, the emergence of paid leave. In addition, the revolutionary development of transport — the appearance of the steamship, the locomotive, the extension of the road network also played an important role.
The first upscale hotels appeared in Germany and Switzerland in the early nineteenth century, during the second half of the century are travel Agency who organized tours and sold them to the consumer.
In the first half of the XX century in Germany and the USSR were stimulated by large-scale recreation, sports tourism and military-applied sports.
After the economic downturn associated with the Second world war, began a new phase. With 50-60-ies of XX century began active development of tourist companies, mass construction of hotels and various entertainment venues. European tourism has been focused on the reception of American tourists, and since the 1970s, there has been growth and outbound tourism.
Since the 1980s, the growth of tourism have slowed down, and mass tourism was transformed into the differential. Tourism becomes a lifestyle, there is a growing trend to expand the range of services, emergence of new recreation facilities. Popular are private tours, ecological and sports tourism.